113 & 115 Ouseburn Road

Following on from completion of 101 Ouseburn Road, the practice is about to oversee construction of two new bespoke houses for individual clients. Long time friends and immediate neighbours are seeking to downsize and relocate from their respective Victorian terrace houses to the bottom of their very long back gardens.

Narrow garden plots run down the steeply sloping Ouseburn Valley side, to front the quite backwater of Ouseburn road and the Ouseburn River.

The new houses have been designed to sit comfortably side by side. Both buildings are to be the same height and share the same building lines – tight to the street frontage and adjacent boundaries. Both buildings use a similar palette of materials and a similar architectural language, shared also with the existing property at 101 Ouseburn Road.

A principle concern in location of a new building within this leafy context is the impact upon the view of the site from the existing houses of the Victorian Terrace above. Fully planted roofs to the new buildings maintain the green outlook over the valley when viewed from the original houses above ; a strategy successfully utilised at the adjacent 101 Ouseburn Road.

Despite the tightly constrained sites, the new houses utilise all available space to created open plan family living over two floor. Extensive glazing and carefully placed roof lights maximise the connection to light and the beautiful leafy context.