Anderson Green

New office buildings within grounds of listed school

Planning Consent was granted in May 2014 for construction of four two story office buildings within the grounds of the Grade II Listed (former) Joicey Road School within the Saltwell Park Conservation Area.

Originally completed in 1934, the listed buildings represent the regions only surviving ‘Open Air School’. An educational movement which flourished during the inter-war years, saw many lessons conducted outdoors. Situated within a parkland setting, the school comprised a series of small glazed pavilion classrooms and an open ‘Rest Barn, structure alongside a main school building. All original listed buildings were recently refurbished as office accommodation for small businesses.

The four new buildings, like the originals, are organised around a central landscaped green space. Most of the new accommodation is located within one large building, which reflects the form of the original ‘Rest Barn’ in both plan and cross section. Three new small pavilions house further compact studio accommodation.

As speculative office accommodation, the main building is designed with flexibility in mind. A repetition of structural bays and fully glazed office fronts offer easy subdivision, whilst maximising day-light, natural ventilation and connection to the parkland around, in much the same way as the original buildings did.