i6 Charlotte Square

Offices within listed building

Commendation in Civic Trust and Lord Mayors Design Awards 2008

‘i6’ is Newcastle City Councils 6th small business incubator centre. Located in a group of converted listed buildings in the heart of Newcastle’s Central Conservation Area, it offers accommodation and support to a developing IT industry.

The original buildings, dating from 1770, had been subjected to piecemeal unsympathetic alterations, fallen vacant and into a bad state of repair.

Partial removal of some building fabric offered the opportunity to create an open atrium space acting as an efficient DDA compliment circulation core and communal hub at the heart of the building. The atrium contains many overlapping functions: circulation, lift, refreshments, breakout / informal meeting spaces: A central hub, around which all activity revolves. As such it positively promotes interaction between young fledgling businesses, all of which have an aspect or ‘shop window’ onto the space.

The atrium also offered the opportunity to create a new and appropriately contemporary highly visible identity, positively advertising the presence of the new modern business centre within the City Centre.

The design was evolved in close consultation with Planning / Conservation and English Heritage Officers together with Newcastle Conservation Advisory Panel (NCAP).

Stephen was design and project architect for i6 whilst working with Bill Hopper / Howe Sadler.