3 Stratford Villas

3 Stratford Villas

Remodeling of family house.

An existing three bedroom semi-detached house had been previously adapted for the student rental market. An unusual layout resulted in the only bathroom being accessed through a bedroom, alongside a disproportionately small kitchen.

The client’s requirement was to convert the house back into family accommodation; at the same time create more bedrooms, and bring natural light to the interior.

Comprehensive remodeling revolved around a small three-story extension built within the former back yard. Around this were organised; new bedroom accommodation within the attic, relocated bedrooms and bathrooms together with a large kitchen/ dining/ family room. The extension is topped with a simple structural glass box, which floods light into the kitchen, and offers open views over nearby Jesmond Vale.

The entire house was re-roofed and incorporated extensive skylights carefully located in order to thread light into the centre of the house.


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