Beachcomber Cottage

Beachcomber Cottage

Remodelling of former fisherman’s cottage and extension.

Built on sand dunes opposite Holy Island, this former fisherman’s Cottage originally provided refuge on the exposed Northumberland coast. Its heavy stone walls offered protection from the elements and so afforded only limited glimpses of a landscape now desig-nated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The necessity to upgrade and insulate an un-unsympathetic 1970’s extension also offered an opportunity to reorganise the internal layout of the cottage, re-orientating accommodation towards the sea and making visual connections to the expansive coastal landscape.

The existing single storey extension was partially re-clad in charred timber boarding, punctuated with large glazed openings, framing views out to sea and across the causeway to Holy Island. Charred timber is resistant to rot, insect attack and fire, without further chemical treatment – whilst also reminiscent of fishermen’s recycled boat/sheds nearby.


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