Foundry Lane

Foundry Lane

Small mixed use development

A three story building, organised around a central courtyard, provides a vibrant mix of; family townhouses, apartments, studio office units and on street commercial / retail space.

The proposal was developed within the complex guidelines of the Ouseburn Valley Urban Deign Framework and responds to the special architectural character of the Ouseburn Valley Conservation Area,

The new development is built to the extremities of the site, creating clearly defined street and building edges. With a limited frontage along Foundry Lane and a desire to give each individual element a river / street frontage, the overall building is subdivided into narrow bays. This gives rise to tall narrow units, in much the same way as industrial wharf or riverside developments are often authentically generated.

A limited palate of traditional materials has been selected: Red brick, exposed steel, natural slate, timber boards and glass are employed to generate buildings which are authentically simple, robust and utilitarian in nature.

In response the Planning Application, English Heritage stated that:

“this is an exemplary submission showing a full understanding of the special character of the Lower Ouseburn Valley. The proposed development is sensitive to its historic context yet still a clearly modern addition to the valley. . . . . would make a positive contribution to this unique part of Newcastle.”

Stephen was design and project architect for Foundry Lane whilst working with Bill Hopper / Howe Sadler.

The roof forms are a series of simple, traditional pitch arrangements, which emphasise the narrow plot widths of the individual units they house.

The provision of active frontage along Foundry Lane and the desire to create open, inviting ‘shop windows’ for the businesses that will occupy the commercial units is at odds with the underdeveloped nature of the Valley in the present day. Security is an issue . . . .

Ground floor glass fronted units are shielded by a series of sliding / folding timber doors and screens which can be retracted during business hours.


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