Glasshouse Street

Glasshouse Street

9 highly sustainable riverfront townhouses

A riverside site currently occupied by a brick built factory building lies between the residential area of St Peters Basin and the Newcastle Quayside. This development comprises nine low energy townhouses organised into two small terraces. The two residential blocks each relate to different aspects of the surrounding environment:

Block 1 fronts the river and is set back to create front gardens as a buffer between the public riverfront and the private residential accommodation.

Block 2 fronts onto and relates to the adjacent residential mews development.

Each block is broken down in scale as individual houses (for sale) are expressed as distinct vertical elements.

Private town gardens to the front of each block will be segregated from the public realm by low level railings.

Recessed balconies and roof terraces look over the River Tyne and offer additional opportunities to green the public realm, whilst sedum planted roofs, although not visible – reduce water run off and contribute to biodiversity.

The roof-scape offers an ideal opportunity to introduce south facing solar panels and turbines to pick up wind blowing along the Tyne Gorge.

Buildings are to be constructed using cost effective simple robust materials; load bearing masonry with beam and block floors. External walls will be highly insulated and thermally efficient. A heat recovery system provides whole house ventilation.


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