Hermitage Drive, Warkworth

Hermitage Drive, Warkworth

Three new build houses on greenfield site in Northumberland

Three different contemporary houses share common characteristics of form, organisation and materials, which reinforce the essential character of Warkworth Village within rural Northumberland.

The houses are intended as a modern reinterpretation of the grand Northumberland farm-stead. Typical of the immediate area, three generous villas are set back behind stone boundary walls enclosing an entrance forecourt. A second stone wall coincides with the main front of each residence, reinforcing a strong building line and uniting the three different houses. Secondary building elements are inserted discreetly behind this inner wall, deliberately understated to maintain emphasis on the main house.

To the rear, large areas of (retractable) glazing and balconies open into private back gar-dens with an aspect to open fields


Residential Design