The Turnbull Building

Lord Mayors Design Award

RIBA Hadrian Award

The Turnbull Building

Apartments within listed building

One of the defining buildings on the Newcastle skyline was originally built in 1888 as a print works. It’s
enormous windows were to provide light for the printing process, and the solid floors, designed to take the weight of the machinery were supported by huge cast iron columns.

Conversion of this Grade II listed warehouse into 48 high value loft apartments revolved around the logistics of getting light, circulation and utility services into the vast deep plan interior whilst working with and around the building elements which give the warehouse it’s unique character.
The layout and interior design of each new apartment was carefully based around features such as exposed glazed brickwork, raw ink stained timber boards and an industrial scale riveted iron structure.

Stephen and Jane worked together under guiding hand of Bill Hopper on the Turnbull Building.


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